This is the homepage of Captain Joseph Paul Kelly, USNR, the "Father of SOSUS"
The Story of Captain Kelly's Life, and his life's work in the US Navy
is now told in full in his biography

Listening for Leviathan

The Man: Joe Kelly

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The Book: Listening for Leviathan
by Mary Jo Kelly Wilhelm, Ph.D.

An epic biography of the man who was the U.S. Navy’s Father of Project Caesar and SOSUS. The story of one of the most important and secretive projects in the history of the Cold War was researched for ten years by the “Captain’s Daughter.” 

Captain Kelly’s mission to detect Soviet submarines through an underseas sonar cable system also involved the mysterious losses and finding of the sunken American submarines, the Scorpion and the Thresher. ISBN 1-884503-66-7

Paperback format 282 pages. $34 out of print

But Available as an eBook in PDF format. Only $9.95
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Captain Joseph Paul Kelly, USNR